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Good News Gummies

Good News gummies offer a number of different edible medical cannabis products to match your mood and your vibe. Created by Cresco Labs, Good News gummies are discreet and simple to use, and customers love that they get the exact same results and dosage every time.

At Guaranteed Dispensary, we understand that many of our customers prefer edible options to manage their symptoms. We’re here to work with you to help you understand each offering in the Good News gummies product line, allowing you to find the products that you need to help you feel your best.

Good News Gummies

Product Line

Good News gummies offers several different edible options to help you control your symptoms.

Varieties of Good News gummies currently available include:

  • Good News Me Time Gummies: If you’re struggling with mental health symptoms and are in need of relaxation, Me Time gummies are perfect. With 10mg of THC, you’ll get the symptom relief that you’re looking for.
  • Good News Vegas Gummies: These sparkling white grape flavored gummies are the perfect fit for symptom relief.
  • Good News Day Off Gummies: Whether you’re taking a sick day due to your symptoms or you’re simply looking for relief on the weekend, Day Off peach-flavored gummies will give you the care that you need.
  • Good News Brunch Gummies: Perfect for boosting your appetite, Good News Brunch gummies will help you enjoy a meal while getting the symptom relief you need.
  • Good News Counting Sheep Gummies: This indica strain is perfect for nights when you need symptom relief to help you doze off to sleep.
  • Good News Pride Gummies: Show your LGBTQUIA+ support with delicious pride-branded assorted sour gummies.

Good News Gummies FAQs

How many Good News gummies should I take?

If it’s your first time using edibles, start slow. Trying half of a 10mg THC gummy can be a good way to start.

Can Good News gummies help me sleep?

If you’re looking for some help getting to sleep at night, you’ll want to go with the Counting Sheep variety from Good News gummies.

Good News Gummies Review

Customers love the quick symptom relief they get from Good News gummies, and also are pleased with the mental health effects of the product, including stress relief.

Where to Buy Good News Gummies in Ohio

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If you’re searching for the right Good News THC gummies to meet your needs, we’re glad you found us! At Guaranteed Dispensary in Dayton, our team of friendly budtenders are here to meet all of your medicinal cannabis needs.

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