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King City Gardens

King City Gardens is an Ohio-based medical cannabis cultivator that specializes in premier craft medical cannabis. The company’s $35 million, 25,000-square-foot facility opened in Cincinnati in 2023. It relies on state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced and educated growers to produce its unique line of medical cannabis products.

King City Gardens

Product Line

King City Gardens medical cannabis strains include:

  • Ice Cream Cake: Indica-hybrid, 24.9% THC
  • Apples & Bananas: Hybrid, 24.2% THC
  • Power Lime: Hybrid, 17.9% THC
  • King City Gardens Blueberry Muffin: Indica, 23.4% THC
  • Cake Crasher: Hybrid, 22.25% THC
  • Frosted Enigma: Hybrid, 22.3% THC
  • Mosa: Hybrid, 19.3% THC

King City Gardens Ohio Medical Cannabis FAQs

What is different about King City Gardens Craft Medical Cannabis Cincinnati?

As one of only 21 Level 1 cultivators in the state of Ohio, King City Gardens plays a pivotal role in meeting the increasing demand for high-quality medical cannabis. Beyond the company’s technological advancements and state-of-the-art facility, King City Gardens has assembled a team of veterans in Ohio’s Cannabis industry to ensure every facet of the cultivation process is reinforced by a wealth of knowledge and industry insight. Patients will experience a new era of medical cannabis options that are meticulously grown, harvested and packaged to the highest standards. King City Gardens continues to innovate, proving that responsible cultivation can lead to the creation of unparalleled craft medical cannabis that positively impacts patients and the community.

King City Gardens Reviews

King City Gardens’ products earn praise from medical marijuana patients who rely on their flower, including for its consistency and potency. Reviewers also gave strong marks to the medical cannabis cultivator’s focus on a limited product line that enables it to deliver high quality flower that offers relief for Ohio patients. Other reviews note the company’s medical cannabis flavor, particularly the Apples & Bananas strain. Also praised is the high terpenes’ percentage in King City Gardens’ medical flower, with dense buds.

Where to Buy King City Gardens in Ohio

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King City Gardens’ products are sold at Guaranteed Dispensary in Dayton, Ohio, which is committed to providing the medical cannabis flower, concentrates, vape carts, and edibles that patients need to feel well.

Buy King City Gardens products at Guaranteed Dispensary

With a mission to be Ohio’s premier medical cannabis dispensary, Guaranteed Dispensary is dedicated to offering the highest quality medical cannabis products, experience and service to patients.


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