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Klutch Cannabis

Klutch Cannabis works to provide customers with high-quality, dependable, consistent medical and recreational cannabis. The company has years of cultivation experience and is committed to using state-of-the art equipment and the latest research in cannabis genetics to deliver excellent, Ohio-grown cannabis products.

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Klutch Cannabis

Product Line

Klutch Cannabis offers a wide variety of cannabis products, including:

  • Klutch Cannabis Flower: Strains from Klutch Cannabis include Apres (Indica), Apricot Gelato (Indica), Backstage (Hybrid), Bazookas (Sativa), Big Head (Indica), Blue Cheese (Indica), Catfish (Sativa), Cold Snap (Indica), Dolce (Indica), Ghost OG (Indica), Heatlocker (Sativa), Humboldt Breath (Hybrid), Ice Cream Cake (Indica), Jealousy (Indica), and more.
  • Klutch Cannabis Vapes: Klutch Cannabis offers customers three vape lines: live resin, CO2, and distillate. The live resin lines are made from flash-frozen buds and is designed to harness the full benefits of each Klutch strain. The CO2 line provides a smooth, flavorful vaping experience. The company’s distillate line uses clean cannabis oil and terpenes to deliver a high-quality experience at an accessible price.
  • Klutch Cannabis Concentrates: Klutch Cannabis concentrates are available in several consistencies, including Live Resin cartidges and pods, Live Resins, Live Diamonds and Sauce, and Live Resin badders.
  • Klutch Cannabis Edibles: The company is proud to offer cannabis-infused gummies and chocolates, allowing customers to enjoy cannabis deliciously and on-the-go.

Not sure which Klutch Cannabis product is the right fit for creating the experience you’re looking for? No worries—we’re here to help. At Guaranteed Dispensary, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get the products necessary to create their perfect cannabis experience.

Klutch Cannabis FAQs

When and where was Klutch Cannabis founded?

The company was founded in 2020 in Akron, OH.

Who owns Klutch Cannabis?

Adam Thomarios is the owner and founder of the company.

Klutch Cannabis Review

Reviewers love Klutch Cannabis strains, to the point where many have trouble choosing a favorite. Apres, Catfish, and Violet fog are overall fan favorites. The 999 strain is preferred for those who are looking for an intense relaxation effect. Big Head is also a winner among Klutch customers, who report that the strain provides a beautiful, uplifting sense of euphoria.

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