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Medical cannabis dispensary in Dayton, OH

Located at 1910 Wayne Ave. in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.  A few minutes off route 35, located a few blocks from University of Dayton.

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What do I need to bring to my first visit to Guaranteed Dispensary?

Medical marijuana patients and/or caregivers only need to present their medical marijuana card and personal identification used to activate your medical marijuana card with the state. The state approved medical marijuana card may be a hard copy or digitally provided on a smartphone, whereas the identification shown must be valid and physically presented.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is necessary at Guaranteed Dispensary. We accept walk in patients daily 10am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 5pm Sunday. Online preorders are available for patients who know what they need and would like an expedited medical marijuana pick-up.

What forms of payments are accepted at Guaranteed Dispensary?

At Guaranteed Dispensary we accept cash and do offer an ATM onsite to help patients. We also now accept debit cards for a fee of $3.50 per transaction.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! At Guaranteed Dispensary we offer a 20% discount for patients who are registered with the state as a veteran or indigent individual. This status must be registered and approved with the state at the time of purchase. We will also offer a variety of discounts on select products or vendors from time to time so please sign up for email communication so we can send you information as it pertains to our stores current specials.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1910 Wayne Ave Dayton, Ohio 45410 in the Walnut Hills neighborhood. We are 5 minutes east of the University of Dayton and downtown Dayton, Ohio. From interstate 75 take exit 52 to merge onto US-35 East and get off at the Keowee St exit. Take a right on Keowee St and a left on Wayne Ave, head down Wayne Ave for just under a mile and we are on the left.

Where do I park?

Wayne Ave is a two-way street, however the street just north and south of our building are both one-way streets. We have a large parking lot with street access near the front of our building directly across from Medford St.

How do I use medical marijuana?

Ohio does NOT permit smoking or combustion of medical cannabis in any form. Therefore in Ohio, flower and concentrates are sold with the intention of being vaporized. Other forms of medical marijuana are available like edibles, topicals and tinctures. We also offer consultations for patients who are new to medical marijuana or would just like to understand products or the program better.

What is vaporization and what devices are approved in Ohio?

Vaporization is the process of converting medical marijuana, as a solid or liquid to a gaseous or vaporous state. This is done by using a device approved through the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, to heat product to a lower temperature than combustion. The Ohio board of pharmacy has approved the following devices for patients to use:

  • Aerospaced Grinders (40mm, 50mm, 63mm)
  • Airis Switch
  • Airis Switch 3 in 1 Vaporizer
  • Airis Viva
  • Astra2 Kit 
  • DaVinci IQ and IQ2
  • DaVinci MIQRO
  • Digitial Scales
  • FyHit Relax
  • G Pen ROAM
  • G Pen Elite
  • Green Monkey Grinder
  • Grenco G Pen Dual Quartz (concentrates)
  • Grenco G Pen Elite Vaporizer (For Flower)
  • Grenco G Pen Nova vaporizer (flower and concentrates)
  • Herbstick Digital Relax Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Launch Box Classic
  • Mighty
  • MVI Nickel
  • PAX 2
  • PAX 3 Complete Kit
  • PAX Era
  • Piranha Grinder
  • Puffco Peak
  • Puffco Plus
  • RC Honor (oval)
  • RC Smart (round)
  • Santa Cruz Shredder
  • Shatterizer™ DabTabs™ Edition
  • SLX Grinder
  • VTV Onyx Dry Herb, Solid Concentrate & Wax Vaporizer
  • Wakit Grinders

What are the medical conditions accepted in Ohio to qualify for a medical marijuana card?

Ohio has 25 medical conditions that qualify someone for medical marijuana:

  • AIDS.
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Cachexia.
  • Cancer.
  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Epilepsy or another seizure disorder.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Hepatitis C.
  • Huntington’s disease.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Pain that is either chronic and severe or intractable.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Positive status for HIV.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Sickle cell anemia.
  • Spasticity.
  • Spinal cord disease or injury.
  • Terminal illness.
  • Tourette’s syndrome.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Ulcerative colitis.

Petitioning the State for New Qualifying Conditions

There is a process to petition the state to add new qualifying medical conditions. Here is the full description of this process from the Ohio MMCP website:

The State Medical Board of Ohio established Nov. 1, 2019 – Dec. 31, 2019, as the first submission period for petitions to add a qualifying medical condition to the Medical Marijuana Control Program. NO PETITIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEFORE NOV. 1, 2019. During the 2019 submission period, all petitions should be filed electronically through the State’s website, A petition needs to include the following:

  • The name and contact information.
  • Specific disease or condition requested to be added.
  • Information from experts who specialize in the study of the disease or condition.
  • Relevant medical or scientific evidence
  • Consideration of whether conventional medical therapies are insufficient to treat or alleviate the disease or condition.
  • Evidence supporting the use of medical marijuana to treat or alleviate the disease or condition and other types of medical or scientific documentation.
  • Letters of support provided by physicians.

How do I get a medical marijuana card?

If you think you may qualify for medical marijuana you will need to find an Ohio physician that is certified to recommend (CTR). You can go to Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program and click on the bullet under FIND A PHYSICIAN TO RECOMMEND MEDICAL MARIJUANA. This will take you directly to the State Medical Board of Ohio to view physicians that are CTR on an interactive map. Once you select a physician and make an appointment, your physician will assess your condition and if approved will gather the necessary information to help you get registered with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry, Medical Marijuana (

Once you have activated your Ohio Medical Marijuana card you may print or screenshot your MM card AND bring your identification used to register your MM card to our dispensary where we will be happy to help you with your purchase. 

Our Cultivator Pesticide List

Ancient Roots Beauveria Bassiana, Rosemary Oil, Citric Acid, Peppermint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Geranium Oil

Appalachain Pharms– No Pesticide

Buckeye Relief – Bacillus Subtilis QST713 Strain, Gliocladium catenulatum StrainJ1446, Beauveria Bassiana, Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem, Green Cleaner, Mineral Oil/Petroleum Distillate, Peroxyacetic Acid, Potassium Bicarbonite, Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids, Reynoutria Sachalinensis

Cerified Cultivators– Lost Coast Plant Therapy, Biosafe Sysytems ZeroTol 2.0, Biosafe Systems Oxyphos, and Biosafe Systems Azaguard

Columbia Care-  Predatory Insects, Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Israelensis, Bacillus amyloliquifaciens, Indole butyric acid, SLS or sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Isaria fumosorosea, Peroxyacetic acid, Cold pressed neem oil

Cresco– Harpin Protein, Azadirachtin, Copper Octanoate, Chromobacterium subtsugae strain, Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids, Potassium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Potassium Silicate, Sulfur, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peroxyacetic Acid, Bacillus thurugeinsis ssp. Israelensis, Beauveria bassiana Strain GHA, Streptomyces Iydicus WYEC 108, Phytoseiulus persimilis*, Amblyseius andersoni*, Chrysoperla rufilabris*, Aphidious colemani*, Steinernema feltiae*

Curaleaf- Cueva/Copper Octanoate, Cease/Bacillus Subtilis QST 713 strain, On-Gard/ Total Nitrogen, Regalia/Reynoutri Sachalinensis Extract, Silver-Bullet, Mpede/Potassium Salts of Fatty Acid, MillStop/Potassium Bicarbonate, Plant Therapy/Soybean Oil, Sil-matrix/Potassium Silicate, Triathlon BA, Zerotol 2.0, Oxiphos/Mono- and Di-potassium salts of phosphorus acid, Root Shield plus, Botanigard 22 WP/Beauvaria Bassiana Strain GHA

Farkas Farms– No Presticide

Firelands Scientific- IBA, Soybean oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic Acid

Galenas- Suffiol – X- Natural Minearal oil, Trichodderma- Beneficial Root Organisms

Green Thumb Industries– 25b oils, T. harzianum rifai t-22 T. Virens G-4, Streptomyces lydicus, isaria fumosorosea, Reynoutria spp extract, B. amyloliquefaciens, Clarified neem oil, Chromobacterium substugae, H202, peroxyacetic acid, Indole-3-Butyrtic Acid

Klutch- Citric Acid, Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis, Hydrogen Peroxide, Mineral Oil, Pyrethrins, Azadirachtin, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Geranium Oil

Meigs County – No Pesticide

Mother Grows Best/Verano- Athena IPM, Zerotol, Oxiphos & Azaguard

Ohio Clean Leaf- PyGanic- Pyrethrin’s, Organocide- Sesame Oil, Green Cleaner- Soybean Oil, Lost Coast- Soybean oil, Peppermint Oil, Citric Acid

Pharma Cann- Axiom, Green Cleaner, Milstop Sp, Protection Plus, Regalia CG, Rootshield plus WP, Zerotol 2.0

Riviera Creek- No Pesticide

Standard Wellness- Lost coast plant therapy, Athena IPM, Eco-140, Procidic 2, Zerotol, Oxiphos, Tritek, Regalia, MPede, Cease, Milstop, TetraCURB Max

Wellspring Fields– Azadiractin, Citric Acid, Cinnamon Oil, Thyme Oil, Linseed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Geraniol, Peppermint Oil, Soybean Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Clove Oil, Garlic Oil, Corn Oil

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