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Looking for the best dispensary in Ohio as a medical cannabis patient? As of 2023, there were more than 100 active dispensaries in the state. Therefore, you should be able to find a good place to purchase your medicine no matter what area of OH you may reside. To help you make sure you only make it to the top OH dispensaries, we’ve compiled a list of the top options in each region.

Shop the Top Medical Cannabis in Ohio

The Best Dispensary in Ohio (Western OH)

Guaranteed Dispensary in Dayton 

Often referred to as Dayton’s premier medical cannabis dispensary, Guaranteed Dispensary is one of the most trusted medical cannabis dispensaries in Western Ohio. Our dispensary provides one of the best medical cannabis selections in the area, but we also work hard to provide reliable medical cannabis information and exceptional customer service.

A Massive Selection of Clean, Reliable Medical Cannabis Flower and Products 

The Guaranteed Dispensary menu is full of only the most well-vetted medical cannabis products in the state. We keep our selection large because we know that every patient’s needs and preferences are unique. Our menu offers:

When you shop at Guaranteed, you can rest assured the products you are considering have been carefuly evaluated and found worthy of inclusion due to quality.

A Guaranteed Difference in Your Medical Cannabis Shopping Experience

At Guaranteed Dispensary, we set out from the beginning to make medical cannabis accessible, satisfactory, reliable, and understood. This mission carries over into everything we do— from the products we include in our inventory to how we treat every medical cannabis patient who visits our store. We take the time to empower patients through medical cannabis education both in-store and online. Questions are always welcome, whether you’re a first-time dispensary visitor or you’ve been to several.

The Best Ohio Dispensary (Southern OH)

Verilife Dispensary in Hillsboro 

Verilife Dispensary in Hillsboro is one of the most trusted locations for top-quality medical cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. As a multiplication operator, Verilife actually has several locations throughout Ohio. However, the Hillsboro location is highly regarded for providing a combination of excellent customer service and high-quality products. Customers consistently have good things to say about the superior customer service at Verilife.

The Best Dispensary in Ohio (Central OH)

Zen Leaf in Newark 

If you are looking for a super-clean dispensary with friendly staff and good prices, Zen Leaf in Newark, OH is a good choice. This central-OH location is a leading medical cannabis provider and is known to provide products from the top brands in the state. Customers say Zen Leaf has a massive selection and is one of the best stops to pick if you are a medical cannabis patient shopping with a limited budget due to good prices and savings opportunities.

The Best Ohio Dispensary (Eastern OH) 

Sunnyside Medical Marijuana in Wintersville 

Sunnyside Medical Marijuana in Wintersville is situated not far from the border of West Virginia where dispensaries to-date are few and far between. Despite being one of the few choices in eastern OH, Sunnyside has developed a stellar reputation among medical cannabis customers. The dispensary offers a full collection of full-spectrum, well-tested medical cannabis flower and products, and they’re quick to offer guiding advice for new patients.

The Best Dispensary in Ohio (Northern OH)

The Botanist in Cleveland

The Botanist is a well-known name in medical cannabis, and their location in Cleveland is the perfect example of why. This dispensary provides safe, affordable medical cannabis products in a welcoming environment where even first-time customers can make confident purchase decisions. The upscale setting is clean with boutique-style displays and ample room to explore products. Customers say that The Botanist always has one of the largest selections in the Cleveland area, and they keep their pricing fair.

Guaranteed Dispensary Is Proud to Be a Favorite Ohio Dispensary 

Guaranteed Dispensary strives to continually provide the most upstanding experience to every medical cannabis patient. With the best selection of edibles, flower, concentrates, and tinctures in the state, we’ve grown to be known as a local favorite. And we take pride in that reputation. If you are on the lookout for a medical cannabis dispensary near Dayton, be sure to take a look at our menu or stop in for a visit.

Shop the Top Medical Cannabis in Ohio

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